Cash vs Vouchers

If you keep trying to motivate your employees with cash, you’ll soon become all too familiar with a phenomenon that researchers call “reward inflation". People become “habituated” to cash no matter how much you give them. It’s then an entitlement, an expectation and blurred with compensation which makes it harder for you each year.

When cash is given as a reward it leaves the recipients mind as soon as it reaches their bank account. What was supposed to be a reward is lost in with the everyday necessities such as household bills and food shopping. The result of this is that the reward is easily forgotten and the feel good factor of being rewarded is short lived.

Experience gift vouchers are far more memorable and provide a significant trophy value. This trophy effect reinforces rewards issued as a symbol of achievement and encourages other employees to follow suit. Gift voucher variety also ensures that the scheme is desirable over the life of the incentive.


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