Social Responsibility


Buyagift is a socially aware company and we recognise that we have a responsibility to play our part in conserving the earth's natural resources for future generations and also in the communities that we live and work amongst.

Our Aim

To do what we can to make a difference.

Our Promise

We will offset the carbon from our experiences by a factor of four.

Cool Earth is a charity that protects some of the world's most endangered rainforest by working from the ground-up with indigenous communities to block the advance of illegal logging. Cool Earth works by helping communities to take legal control of their forest, to defend their trees, get better prices for their produce and ultimately, create strong villages that control their own futures. At Buyagift we're proud to announce that by working with Cool Earth we offset four times the carbon created by the experiences we sell and by the day to day running of our business.

Since 2009, Buyagift has prevented the destruction of 722 acres of pristine, but endangered, rainforest and a staggering 187,720 tonnes of Carbon dioxide emissions.

The threatened rainforest that Buyagift is protecting is located in the Rio Ené valley of Peru. This is the western frontier of deforestation in the Amazon Basin and uniquely rich in biodiversity.

"If as a business you are fortunate enough to find yourselves in a position where you are able to make a difference then we feel you have an obligation to do so. We are proud to be working with Cool Earth in an effort to help slow the relentless destruction of the rainforests. Thank you for helping us make a difference."
Dan Mountain - CEO, Buyagift PLC

What else are we doing?

From an internal business perspective we have introduced a number of measures to ensure that our carbon footprint is minimised wherever possible.

From environmentally friendly gift packaging to switching off computers at night and using energy saving light bulbs, where possible we are doing what we can. 

We're also helping to fund Cool Earth's community projects that support the local community and enable local people to earn a sustainable living from the rainforest.

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