Long Service Awards

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Rewarding loyalty and long service

It’s not unusual for people to move jobs every two to three years, so when employees stay with you for a long time it’s incredibly important to reward their loyalty.

We know that creativity and originality are vital when it comes to choosing long service gifts and awards that will strike the right chord. With over 5,000 experiences and gifts for your employees to choose from, there really is something to suit everyone's tastes.

For larger schemes we can create branded platforms, as well as free personalisation within the packs to make your scheme extra special and bespoke to your company.

It's equally important to ensure your employees are aware that you reward loyalty from the day they join to ensure everyone starts off on the right foot. So let your employees know that you appreciate their loyalty, and keep them motivated for many more years to come with original, valuable and thoughtful long service award gifts.

We specialise in providing long service award programmes that can either stand alone or be built into larger incentive schemes and benefit packages. Also, because we’ve hand-picked our suppliers with such extraordinary care, we can source just about anything you want, and also suggest lots of new and exciting ideas of our own.

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