Stand up to climate change and go carbon neutral

We strive to continue finding new ways to reduce our emissions. But that isn’t enough. We need all business leaders to say enough is enough and follow suit in the fight against carbon, too. Help us in a collaborative effort to protect our world in whatever shape or form you can. Every contribution is one step nearer to safeguarding our planet’s environment and diverse ecosystem, amass with life, for our children and grandchildren.

Here are some facts. 2020 was recorded as the hottest year since records began1. CO2 levels in 2020 were recorded as high as around 410PPM (parts per million). These CO2 levels haven’t been reached in over 800,000 years, according to research by Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Heat waves. Insect plagues. Hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters2. It’s apparent that we need to act before it could simply be too little, too late. At the 'Our Planet Summit' in January 2021, UN head, António Guterres, said that this year is "the year to reconcile humanity with nature"3.

Before we see species disappear and our beautiful world change beyond recognition, join us to rebuild and give our home the love it deserves4.

The UK’s only carbon neutral experience company

Designed to slash the amount of ‘stuff’ we consume, reassuringly browse our gift collections knowing we conscientiously avoid unnecessary waste. As the UK’s only carbon neutral experience company, we’re passionate about supporting a cleaner, better future for the new generations to come. Sustainability is the most rewarding and satisfying gift an employee or customer could receive this year! The pleasure of gifting truly is a wonderful feeling, too.

Sustainable experiences tailored to your customers

Our collection of sustainable gifts are the perfect driving force to support and boost your customer life cycle. From the moment of acquisition, to nurturing existing customers throughout your loyalty programme, choose Buyagift and deliver happiness at every stage of the customer life cycle with confidence. Let’s work together to reimagine the digital climate with offerings that prospects and customers will never forget.

Sustainable experiences to reward your workforce

Gift consciously with a little ‘thank you’ to your loyal, hard-working employees. Our eco-friendly, carbon neutral experience collection covers all types and tastes in experiences. Get back to nature and get your Zen on with a rejuvenating yoga escape for a weekend in the backdrop of a beautiful location. Apply those green-fingered thumbs to the kitchen with a comprehensive plant-based cookery lesson with an expert. Send a budding photographer off around London, to capture the inspiring angles the Capital has to offer. Or perhaps, there’s a thrill-seeker or two under your management? One of our adrenaline-induced adventure experiences are sure to match their thirst for speed and height – and then some.

With a wide host of incredible options to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice when an employee anniversary, milestone or incentivised reward date pops up. Revel in their gracious appreciation – from gifting their experience, to the perfectly captured moments of their day out shared across social media. Delivering sensational experiential gifts to your best asset, without a negative footprint on the environment. Now, that’s a good feeling.

Sources - 1. The Guardian, 2021 2. UL, 2020 3. UN, 2021 4. National Geographic, 2019

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